We represent a reliable and high-quality bookmaker that has all the conditions for use. Our players from Bangladesh trust our services and can count on our support. On our platform, you can find the support section, whose main goal is to create comfortable conditions for using our services, as well as assisting our players. The support section is responsible for the convenience of using our platform, troubleshooting problems that arise during the use of the platform, as well as for its improvement.

What Types of Support are Available Through Six6s

Our support service is available from 9 to 18:00 (+6 GMT) and is responsible for the shortest time. We present several ways to communicate with the service for the convenience of users. You can contact us in any way and we will help you fix your problem.

  • Telegram chat. You can contact us via our official telegram chat, and describe your problem to our support representatives.
  • WhatsApp chat. You can also go to our official chat on WhatsApp, where our operator will help you solve your problems or answer your questions.
  • Email. If it is more convenient for you to use e-mail, then you can contact us by leaving your message with a question or a description of the problem to the email of our site [email protected]

Eligibility Requirements For Using Six6s Support in Bangladesh

Our company has certain requirements for using our platform, and, accordingly, our support service. The requirements do not include incomprehensible to users or contradictory points, they contain generally established norms for the use of the bookmaker. The requirements for using the Six6s support service are next:

  • Coming of age. To use the Six6s support services, as well as generally have your account on our platform, you must reach the age of 18. We cannot provide any services to minors.
  • Registration. This is the main condition to use the support service of our site, as well as in general to use our gambling services and also to be a Six6s player.
  • Verification. This condition is necessary to use the monetary services of our platform (deposit and withdrawal of funds). If you have a problem with these services, then you can contact our support service in any way available on the site.

How to Access Six6s Support in Bangladesh

To use the services of our support service, you must first become a Six6s player by going through the registration process. You can register on the Six6s following way:

  1. Go to the official website Six6s of Bangladesh;
  2. In the upper right corner, click on “Register”;
  3. Enter the user name in the registration form;
  4. Come up with and enter a password, and then confirm it;
  5. Select the currency, then click on “next”;
  6. In the next window that appears, enter your first and last name;
  7. Enter your date of birth and click “next”;
  8. In the next window that appears, enter the phone number;
  9. Enter your email address;
  10. Select a different social network and enter a phone number to it (optional);
  11. Enter the referrer (optional);
  12. Enter the verification code that is indicated on the line;
  13. Click on “register”.

After you have completed the registration process and you have an account on Six6s, you can find our support service by going to the main page of our website and scrolling down where the links to instant messenger chats are located, as well as our official email.

Terms & Conditions for Using a Six6s Support in Bangladesh

After passing the relevant requirements for using the support services of our platform, we also want to note that we are helping our players with the real problems that have arisen with the services of Six6s and advising users on these issues. We are actively working to eliminate fraud on our platform, including the Six6s support service.

Benefits of Using a Six6s Support in Bangladesh

In addition to the fact that our support service performs its main functions, we also want to tell you about the advantages of using our service.

  • Communication methods. We know that some of our users prefer to use such popular messengers as Telegram or WhatsApp, so we have created our official support chats in these applications for the greatest convenience of our users. However, for those who prefer to use e-mail, we can offer our official email, which is ready to answer your requests.
  • Quick feedback. You can contact us during the working hours of our support service and count on our operators to respond to your requests as soon as possible and will be happy to help you with any question or situation.
  • Tips, help, etc. As we have already said, our users can contact our support service for absolutely any questions, be it registration, withdrawal of funds, debt loading, or even difficulty in choosing a game. Our operators will certainly be happy to help you and give you personal advice on how to behave in any situation or how not to stumble upon them at all.

Strategies For Making the Most Out Of Your Six6s Customer Service In Bangladesh

We want to give you a couple of tips on how users can use our support service most effectively. Following these tips, you will be able to completely solve the problem that has arisen with the Six6s’s services, or get an answer to your question.

  • Try to describe your problem or question as clearly as possible so that the operator can fully understand your request and give your same complete answer.
  • Wait until our operator sees your request and responds to it. It is not necessary to repeat your request many times and spam our chats, as well as email. We work with a lot of people, but we will certainly respond to everyone.
  • If the operator requests your data to solve your request, provide it to him. Your data is under our protection and no third parties have access to it.