Six6s Affiliate Program

The bookmaker and gambling brand Six6s has an affiliate system for bookies called Six6s Affiliates. The bookmaker business has a long history of operation in the gambling industry, and it is currently expanding its Six6s online casino. The bookie affiliate program from Six6s Affiliates combines betting, gambling, and esports products and allows its partners to profit from traffic generation. You have to sign up or login into the Six6s affiliate program in order to become a partner.

Currently, Six6s Affiliates offers some of the best traffic-generating opportunities to its customers and partners. The Six6s brand is well-known throughout the world. The sports betting affiliate program also offers its webmasters special working circumstances. What are the advantages of working with Six6s Affiliates, then?

All affiliates have access to this campaign.

Affiliate Program rules

  • Affiliate Program: A marketing firm that uses affiliate programs to bring in new users to its website;
  • The Affiliate Referral Program begins on July 31, 2023, and only affiliates who register after that date will be eligible to be branded as referrals;
  • In order to qualify, affiliates must join the Six6s Affiliate Telegram Channel;
  • An affiliate may be referred to as many affiliates as they choose;
  • Affiliates will receive a commission equal to 2.5% of the entire net profit of their referrals;
  • The Affiliate Referral Commission, in contrast to the Affiliate Commission, shall be determined once each month;
  • Partner: A webmaster (person or business), who complies with affiliate program requirements, draws in new users, and thereby promotes Six6s referral code and products;
  • Players – customers of the bookmaker who signed up through the link provided by the Partner;
  • Earnings: A certain sum of money that the Partner receives as a commission from the winnings from the players he brought in;
  • Profit is determined by adding up all of the player’s wagers and deducting any winning wagers;
  • Payout – the accrual of the Partner’s revenue from the Affiliate Program’s internal account to an outside payment system;
  • Before beginning work with the Affiliate Program, the Partner agrees to become familiar with and accept its terms and conditions;
  • Changes to the Affiliate Program’s terms are conceivable, and the Partner will be notified through email if this happens;
  • The Affiliate Program’s requirements can only be met by a customer who is at least 18 years old;
  • The Partner is solely responsible for maintaining the security of personal data, including login information and passwords. The loss of personal data is not the Six6s affiliate program’s fault;
  • While the Six6s Affiliate Program is not required to provide an explanation for the refusal, it is conceivable for the Affiliate Program to decline to work with one or more Partners.

Affiliate Referrer 

  1. Send an email to Six6s affiliate support with your username and your referee’s username;
  2. To submit your request for approval, ask your friend to contact Six6s Affiliate Support, offer your username and his own account, and note that you referred him;
  3. Email [email protected] with a response to the Affiliate Referral (For Affiliate Who Is Referring) email.

Affiliate Referee

  1. When registering at, enter the Six6s referral code;
  2. Send an email to Six6s affiliate support with both your account and the username of your referrer;
  3. Email [email protected] in response to Affiliate Referral (For referred) email.

What must be done for referrers to receive commission?

Affiliates referring parties must either:

  • 25 Active Players in a calendar month, or an Active Player is defined as a Six6s affiliate with at least BDT3,000 in monthly sales of any kind;
  • Five Active Affiliates per month;
  • An affiliate with 5 Active Players is considered an Active Affiliate.

What does the referrer get?

Gain additional monthly commission by referring affiliates. You will receive an additional 2.5% commission based on the total Net Profit of your referrals.